Why You Should Join a Professional Body

Members of different practices and professions in Kenya need to coalesce and collectively aim at solving a problem within their field of practice. Whereas there are several professional bodies in Kenya, numerous careers and practices are yet to establish societies…

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Climate Oriented Partnerships is The Way To Go

The recent collaboration and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Kenya Climate Innovation Center and Youth Enterprise Development Fund to promote youth entrepreneurship through climate friendly ventures should be applauded and replicated by other players in the business industry. Whereas the primary…

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Kenya Commemorates World Environment Day

Kenya has joined the world in commemorating the World Environment Day on a day that coincided with Eid al Fitr. The annual World Environment Day celebrated today is a pioneer principal vehicle of the United Nations aimed at encouraging the awareness and action for the…

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Davis and Shirtliff Host KCIC Clients

Four companies: Maxfinleys, MIS Company Limited, Solatrend and MajiK Water were among the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) incubation clients who visited a leading water and energy solutions provider in the region, Davis and Shirtliff, in a study tour to…

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ClimateLaunchPad Competition Extends Application Deadline

The annual Climate Launch Pad competition has extended its application deadline to the end of July 2019 to give more time for innovators to apply. The competition, which is considered to be the world’s largest innovative and green business ideas contest, aims…

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Innovators Generate Green Energy from Unimaginable Materials

Kenya Climate Innovation Center is in the process of conducting routine visits to the business premises of applicants of the incubation programme. The visits which have been ongoing are part of appraising companies that are have submitted requests to join the…

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New Innovators Work with Local Communities

Innovators of different projects aimed at helping the alleviation of drastic climatic changes are working with the local communities to upscale their interventions as well as make use readily available resources. This is also in a bid to increase their…

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