Choose a plan that fits your business

AI and Tech Training

Learn AI and tech basics and apply in your business
KSh 40,000 or USD 250 / per person
  • Introduction to AI
  • Ethical considerations in AI
  • Understanding AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • AI tools, languages, and processes
  • Tech tools and automation for your business
  • Real-world application: Integrating AI and tech to your business operations
  • Analytics and reporting on metrics

Digital Marketing Training

Learn how online platforms can be optimized for your business gains
KSh 40,000 or USD 250 / per person
  • Fundamentals of online marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy (incl social media)
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Paid online adverts
  • Email marketing
  • Tools and processes
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Applying this into your business operations

Digital Marketing Services

Unlock online markets and reach out to target audiences virtually
KSh 45,000 or USD 300 / monthly
  • Weekly website updates both security & content
  • Fortnight newsletter/email marketing creation and dissemination
  • Google business listing
  • Content creation with targets
  • Social media marketing with targets
  • Monthly Analytics and reporting
  • Digital marketing strategy (incl social media)

Digital (website and social media) services

Website Development

Empower your business' online presence with a custom package for medium businesses and individuals
From Ksh 60,000 or USD 400
  • Built on CMS & Faster load time
  • 1-14 days delivery
  • 1 - 25 pages maximum
  • Maps, WhatsApp and social media integration
  • Unique landing page design
  • Secure website with SSL protocol
  • Google Analytics integration
  • 2 Weeks FREE Support

Social Media Strategy

Utilize your social media channels for professional networking and business success
From 20,000 or USD 150
  • LinkedIn and Facebook page optimization
  • Networking in your relevant groups and communities
  • Regular posting as per a social media calendar
  • Insightful content development to make you stand out in your industry
  • Growing your profile's engagement
  • Targeted social media ads

Events Management

Reach out to your preferred audience with physical, virtual or hybrid events and step into a world of vibrant energy
From Ksh 50,000 or USD 350
  • Events planning strategy
  • Audience/Stakeholder communication
  • Event flow and moderation
  • Event content packaging
  • Information, Education and Communication collateral
  • Live streaming
  • Rapporteur and reporting