Community Service

Birthday Celebrations
Each year, we are joined by friends of goodwill, celebrating his birthday together with other December babies by donating food to identified needy children centers and families. The idea is to also give them necessities for Christmas and to last them for a few extra months.
Unfit Tournament
The idea behind this tournament is to bring young adults together to play football and other games as they network, play, and get a chance to assist the needy. It is also a call-to-action for young professionals to adopt a healthy lifestyle by adopting exercising.
Chapati Forum
Solomon is one of the pioneers of this group where that mobilizes resources via social media and provides the much-needed meal of chapati and stew to OVCs while trying to identify and address immediate needs like clothing, food, and shelter.
Nipe Pamper Initiative
The idea behind this was mobilizing friends to come and support learners living with Spina Bifida in Thika Joy Town School for the disabled by giving them much-needed adult pampers. The charity exercise that took place for two years went a long way toward keeping these learners in school.
Community Involvement
Solomon has been involved in community service in his county of residence, Kiambu, where he participates in charity events for schools, churches, children’s centers, public places, etc involving food donations, clean-up exercises, tree planting events, etc. Kiambu County
Training and Mentorship
To share his knowledge with others, and to equip youth with skills requisite for self-reliance, I have organized and participated in training for youth in Kiambu County. I have been mentoring young people in skills by training them on both soft and hard skills. He is part of the pioneers of PEPEA.