Solomon Irungu N

Onboarding process for incubators and donor organisations should not be a difficult task

Over the years, I have worked with multiple projects on onboarding clients, mostly Medium to Small Market Enterprises (MSMEs) into their programmes. Through the onboarding processes, I have mobilized a cumulative number of more than 50,000 applications from all over Africa. Unfortunately, due to the capacity of these incubators, donor organisations and sometimes the private […]
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Upbringing better children needs proper mentorship

The upbringing of children into good and responsible adults needs to adopt a holistic approach encompassing various duties by multiple players. Parents, teachers, and the society in general have a profound role to play in instilling discipline and good morals to children especially pupils and students. Constant mentorship is essential to having ethical and responsible […]
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Yielding productivity during this period

Kenya, like any other nation in the world, is still grappling with uncertainty with the number of Coronavirus infections still escalating. During this state of midpoint where human beings are being driven by hope for a cure and vaccination for Covid-19, but being set back by the rising cases, newfangled tactics are necessary for survival, […]
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