Yielding productivity during this period

Kenya, like any other nation in the world, is still grappling with uncertainty with the number of Coronavirus infections still escalating. During this state of midpoint where human beings are being driven by hope for a cure and vaccination for Covid-19, but being set back by the rising cases, newfangled tactics are necessary for survival, not just now, but also for the future.

President Kenyatta recently announced about the cessation of some of the counties. This, combined with the ongoing curfew and some of the companies working remotely or laying off their staff means more time indoors. Feasibly, it is the time to explore what home can yield and surprisingly, some of the things that can be achieved from home are world class. They possibly could mean a lot to the life that individuals will lead once the world overcomes this pandemic.

Citizens could consider taking online courses, both academic or personal development, at the comfort of their cell phones. An example of this possibility is the recently launched Unlock Your Potential Online Course that aims at assisting people to become who they wish to be around nine domain areas of life. The programme, which is available online, coupled with others that may be of a similar kind, could sharpen one’s skills so that they are a better workforce after this menace ends.

There are also opportunities in promoting online working; For those in different kinds of businesses, especially those currently experiencing low sales, it could be a time of building an online presence and conducting massive online brand promotion. It could also be a time of reading books or playing mind-triggering games to exercise the brain. Maybe it is also a time of re-evaluation and setting new goals, finishing pending tasks or even reaching out to a mentor. Each day, as you continue keeping safe, remember to endeavor to learn a new skill or develop one that you already have.

A redacted version of this article has been published by The Standard by the the same author