Let’s promote the health sector

The recent revelation of quack medical personnel operating illegal health facilities at the peril of wanjiku has created a state of consternation for many Kenyans. It is worrying to imagine that obliviously, many people may have fallen prey to fake medication. The government has to take stringent actions to fake medics. The supremacy of the right to life and human dignity supersedes any action against it. There should be a serious crackdown on illicit clinics and pharmaceuticals and those found culpable of perpetuating such operations brought to speedy prosecution in order to dissuade similar intentions.

The standards of medical services in Kenya need to be improved to reach the minimum global requirements as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The operating environment of any health facility needs to comply with the public health and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) principles. Since premises are subject to depreciation, they need to be refurbished once in a while to maintain the standards.

Periodic inspection by the relevant medical boards, the county departments of health and other national agencies ought to be kicked out in all health facilities. There is also a need to have a platform for public inquiry where wanjiku will clandestinely channel any complaints or concerns about any facility.

Medical regulatory bodies have an obligation to protect the public by ascertaining that the medics take refresher courses and consent to best practices in their respective sectors before renewing their annual licenses. In the public health facilities, practitioners ought to be motivated by having friendly work environments with the requisite medical equipment.

As the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) which is a brilliant and much-needed initiative for Kenyans rolls out in the entire nation, commensurate measures should be standardised in all the facilities, whether public or private. Access to proper healthcare is a fundamental right enshrined in the Kenyan constitution and thus haS to be upheld.

A healthy nation is a working nation.