Opinion: find alternative sources of happiness

I have over time observed the continuous agitation and frustration that engulf many people because of the issues that surround them. A peek into the social platforms on the internet for example, you will notice numerous expressions of frustrations by people for instance because of poor governance in their countries, poor infrastructure, bad weather et cetera.

In Kenya for example, the recently trending #BoraUhai, which depicts that as long as there is life nothing else matters, emanated from frustrations that Kenyans had out of the rising corruption and skyrocketing cost of living in the country. Whereas the hash tag brought Kenyans together in solidarity in highlighting issues affecting them, it had little to offer in terms of solutions. A former governor in Kenya termed it as “the last resort of showing desperation and despair.”

Globally, people anguish a lot due to issues beyond their control. These may be family, societal or even natural problems. Given a chance on one’s mind, the issues take a deep toll on someone including what may lead to depression.

To forestall the possibility of depression and other related disorders, people need to find alternative sources of happiness to pre-occupy their minds. To begin with, one needs to find out what really irritates them and to what levels. One then analyses whether this is something that they can manage to stay without thinking about. If this is possible, then one needs to abandon thinking about that particular topic. Where it is not possible, one should at least minimize thoughts about it.

The next step would involve identifying the small things that make one happy and starting to think about and doing them. These could be sports, movies, mobile games, interesting books, good friends and family and recreational activities. When these pre-occupy one’s mind, the irking issues will stop cease having an effect on someone.

There are people who watch news on television and get sad and moody seeing say how the government is misappropriating money, disasters and calamities, deaths and other bizarre cases. My advice to them would be that they switch to alternative programmes on the same television sets that will make them happier like music and sports.

Do not agree to get into problems that you can avoid. You deserve a good mood, enjoy it!